Cellular Respiration Websites

Cellular Respiration
This website provides an overview of the process of cellular respiration. It covers each step of the process in great detail, and provides many diagrams to help make it easier to understand.

Cellular Respiration Simulation Online
This website provides an interactive simulation of oxidative respiration and allows the student to investigate what happens to ATP production in the presence and absense of oxygen.

Cellular Respiration Simulation Activity for the Classroom
This website is a lab/simulation of cellular respiration. It provides instructions, materials, and the procedure on how to simulate cellular respiration in the classroom. This could help people understand the process by getting a hands-on view of what they are learning.

Pictorial Outline of Cellular Respiration
This website shows cellular respiration through a picture. It shows exactly what’s happening in a simpler form. Often it’s difficult to understand a complicated topic when it’s written out in a textbook, and this picture helps make it easier to understand by eliminating the wordiness and getting straight to the point.

Simulation of Cellular Respiration
This is a simulation of cellular respiration. It helps you really see what’s going on with movement and transferal of the ATP’s and other molecules. Although it moves very fast and everything is happening simultaneously, this simulation is helpful because it takes learning about Cellular Respiration one step further.

Fermentation and Cellular Respiration
This website is a very in-depth explanation of the processes of cellular respiration and fermentation. It is quite wordy, but it there is a lot of detailed information provided. There are also many great diagrams of every step of the processes that help explain the wordy text.

Anaerobic Respiration
This website is an overview of just anaerobic respiration. It is mostly a diagram, but it also has captions of writing too. It provides a step-by-step explanation of two anaerobic respiration processes: alcohol fermentation and lactic fermentation. It also provides a compare/contrast with aerobic respiration so that you can learn the difference between the two and know which is used when. Again, all this is mostly represented in pictures.