Chemical Kinetics

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Elementary Kinetics

Reaction Rates

Kinetics Overview

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Concentration and Reaction Rate

Determining Reaction Rates

Determining Rate Equations

Determining Rate Laws

Integrated Rate Laws

Differential Rate Laws

How to Determine Orders of Reaction

Collision Model

Arrhenius Equation 1

Arrhenius Equation 2

Reaction Mechanisms


Elementary Reactions


How Catalysts Affect Reaction Rates



Rate Law Interactive Problems 1

Rate law Interactive Problems 2

Arrhenius Equation Interactive Problems

Chemical Kinetics Similation

Reaction Rates Simulation 1

Reaction Rates Simulation 2

Rate Laws Simulation 1

Rate Laws Simulation 2

Orders of Reaction Simulation

Determining the Rate Law Simulation

Bromate-Bromide Reaction Simulation

Rate Laws Simulation

Reaction Rates Simulation

More Reaction Rate Simulations

Effect of Concentration Simulation

Activation Energy Experiment

Half-Life Simulation Applets

Rates of Reaction Quizzes