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Chapters 11 & 12 Objectives

  • to describe the prevailing method of explaining the inheritance of traits prior to Mendel's work with peas
  • to describe Mendel's experimental approach to the study of heredity
  • to list possible explanations for less predictable trait variations that are observed
  • to distinguish between genotype and phenotype
  • to describe the principles of independent assortment
  • to describe the features and results of monohybrid crosses
  • to describe the features and results of dihybrid crosses
  • to use principles of probability and the Punnet Square method to predict the results of monohybrid and dihybrid crosses
  • to distinguish between complete dominance, incomplete dominance, and codominance
  • to define multiple allele system and cite examples
  • to explain why sickle-cell anemia is a good example of pleiotropy
  • to discuss the phenomenon of continuous variation and contributions of nature and nuture in expression of hereditary traits
  • to describe and cite examples of environmental effects on phenotype
  • to distintuish between genes and alleles
  • to distinguish between autosomes and sex chromosomes
  • to describe the features and evolutionary consequences of crossing over
  • to describe the phenomenon of linkage, including sex-linkage
  • to describe how sex is determined and inherited
  • to describe several autosomal and sex-linked genetic disorders
  • to list types and sources of mutations
  • to construct and interpret pedigrees

Chapters 11 & 12 Questions

  • all review and self-quiz questions
  • select ONE of the Critical Thinking questions to answer

Chapter 11& 12 Terms:

  • ABO blood typing
  • allele
  • codominance
  • continuous variation
  • dihybrid cross
  • gene
  • genotype
  • heterozygous
  • homozygous dominant
  • homozygous recessive
  • incomplete dominance
  • monohybrid cross
  • multiple allele systerm
  • phenotype
  • probability
  • true~breeding
  • amniocentesis
  • autosome
  • crossing over
  • deletion
  • duplication
  • gene
  • genetic disorder
  • inversion
  • karyotype
  • nondisjunction
  • pedigree
  • sex chromosome
  • X chromosome
  • Y chromosome
  • Y-linked gene
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