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Chapter 47 Objectives

  • to distinguish between genetic and environmental bases of behavior
  • to differentiate between instinct and learned behavior
  • to describe examples of learned behavior
  • to understand stimulus~response systems
  • to describe how sign stimuli trigger behavior patterns
  • to describe the relation of communication and social behavior and provide examples of communication systems
  • to describe the costs and benefits of living in social groups
  • to describe evolutionary components of social behavior
  • to determine personal learning styles

Chapter47 Outline Framework

  • Outline Frameworks for each Chapter of Biology: the Unity and Diversity of Life are available on the
    Textbook WEBSITE
  • Copy and Paste in a your Word Processor
  • Add notes and definitions to make the outline personal, useful, and specific to the unit we are studying!
  • Put in notebook for homework check

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Chapter 47 Questions

  • all review and self-quiz questions
  • select ONE of the Critical Thinking questions to answer

Chapter47 Terms:

  • adaptive behavior
  • altruistic behavior
  • animal behavior
  • fixed action pattern
  • imprinting
  • instinctive behavior
  • learned behavior
  • lek
  • natural selection r
  • eproductive success
  • selfish behavior
  • sexual selection
  • song system
  • territory


























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