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Biology: Concepts and Connections

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Nature of Science
Ecology and Ecosystems
Chemistry of Life
Cell Structure & Function

Photosynthesis & Respiration
Cell Reproduction
DNA & Proteins



Cricket Lab
Leaf Lab
Radish Lab
Element Lab
Food Testing Lab
Toothpickase Lab
Food Diary
Plant Pigments
Cell Processes Tutorial
Genetics WebLabs
Corn Genetics
Human Genetic Traits
DNA WebLabs
Evolution WebLabs
Virtual Pond
Distractions Lab
Leaf Shapes Lab
Leaf Measurement Lab
Osmosis in Potatoes and Carrots
Osmosis Data
Pea Seed Variation
Flower Lab
Flower Information
Body Measurement

Class Activities

Image Analysis
The Loon
Cell Structure and Function Charts
Cell Surface Area
Cell Model

Sample Cells Quiz
Cell Transport Charts
(Osmosis in RBC animation)
Mitosis-Meiosis Questions
Cell Cycle HW

Monohybrid Crosses
Dihybrid Crosses
Genetics Problems

Photosynthesis and Respiration Terms
Race for the Double Helix Assignment
Race for the Double Helix Video Questions
Watson~Crick Paper
DNA~RNA Practice
Amino Acids

Darwin Video Questions

Evolution Survey
Evolution Readings 1
Evolution Readings 2
Evolution Readings 3
Evolution Concept Maps

Birds of the Galapagos
Bean Questions
Field Beans

Great Transformations:Video Questions
Incredible Human Machine Video Questions



Test 1
Test 2
Test 3
Test 4
Tests 5 and 6

Fall Final Format

Fall Final Review

Fall Final Review II

Fall: Practice Test: Science Concepts

Spring Final Format

Spring: MCQ Review

Spring: Practice Test

Biology Projects

Ecosystems Project

Biology in a Box: Bean Seeds
Bugs, Barnacles, Birds, and Beans
Bugs, Barnacles, Instructions
Body Systems

Sample Quizzes

Sample Genetics Quiz

Extra Credit






Lab Grading Guidelines

Computer Use Agreement

Evaluating Websites


Lab Writing Help


Create a Graph

Physics Reference Tables

Mechanics Equations

Sample Graphs

Scientific Calculator Online


Periodic Table

Chemistry Reference Tables I

Chemistry Reference Tables II

Jefferson Lab

The Particle Adventure

Revolutions In Science

Online Science Labs

Virtual Biotechnology Lab

Dog Genetics
More Dog Genetics
Even More Dog Genetics

Dog Breeds