Chapter Objectives
At the end of this unit students will be able to
1.  explain how balancved equations apply to both chemistry and everyday life.
2.  interpret balanced chemical equations in terms of moles, representative particles, mass, and gas volume at STP.
3.  idenfity the quantitites that are always conserved in chemical reactions.
4.  construct mole ratios from balanced chemical equations and apply these rations in stoichiometric calculations.
5.  calculate stoichiometric quantities from balanced chemical equations using units of moles, mass, representative particles, and volumes of gases at STP.
6.  calculate theoretical yield, actual yield, or percent yield given appropriate information.
7.  indentify and use the limiting reagent in a reaction to calcualte the maximum amount of product(s) produced and the amount of excess reagent that remains unreacted.
Key Terms
actual yield
excess reagent
limiting reagent
percent yield
theoretical yield