Nutrition and Eating Disorders Hotlist

Amy Avina
Health Education: Health Care Perspectives for Teachers
University of San Diego Department of Continuing Education

Ask the Dietician: Bulimia
Website contains questions and answers from people struggling with the illness as well as links to a healthy body calculator and definitions for key terms.

Fact Sheet: Bulimia Nervosa
From NYs Presbyterian Hospital, this easy website contains answers to common questions about the disease as well as a list of several helpful textbooks for further information. I was excited to see textbooks listed here since we often rely on the internet alone for our information.

Puberty 101
A really interesting site containing information about all kinds of issues surrounding the teenage years. Includes depression, gay/lesbian issues, learning disabilities, knowing when threats are serious, etc.

Keep Kids Healthy: Adolescents
This is another great resource for parents and teenagers which provides links to all kinds of problems that face teenagers. Includes ADHD, pregnancy, sports doping, and weight management.

Food Finder: Fast Food Facts
You might want to beware of this site: it contains instant information about the menu items at major fast food restaurants! Also includes additional links to further information about the hazards of eating too much fast food.

Medical School: Adolescent Nutrition
A primarily-narrative website about the nutritional habits and recommendations for young people. Includes information about the warning signs of eating disorders.

Seeking Wellness: Eating Disorders
Overview of eating disorders along with some links to texts and sites. Includes a book list which highlights the mother-daughter heredity issues of eating disorders.

Something Fishy
My students told me about this website which provides information and support to people with eating disorders. Includes information for helping loved ones.

Gurze Books: Men and Eating Disorders
I was searching everywhere for information about men and this disease. Too often we associate the disease with girls when boys are also susceptible.

Weight-Watch Wisely: Children and Adolescents
A narrative website with information about proper weight management. Includes link to products for sale. I recommend this site only for the initial information to be used as an overview for teachers and parents.

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