Healthy Lifestyles Hotlist
Debra Brown
Health Education: Health Care Perspectives for Teachers
University of San Diego Department of Continuing Education
Contained topics re. exercise and training, weight loss, BMI calculation, sports, and gear purchases.
Links to EVERYthing. Broad categories of fitness, health, nutrition, exercise equipmnet, beauty, yoga and meditation, sports, vitamins, and travel. There was too much to skim, but there's a site for anything you'd want to look up.
Discusses topics that include toilet training, natural medicine, diabetes, vitamines, colds vs. allergies. Easy to read and understand.
Done in conjunction with WebMD. Had discussions concerning diet and nutrition, fitness, conditioning, drugs and herbs, and wellness.
Has an A-Z topical index ranging from various diseases to contraception. You'd relaly need a specific topic to look up to use this site most effectively; otherwise, you could easily become distracted by the tons of info available.
Tries to sell a self-defense video, but also has statistics citing numbers for attacks, rapes, etc., supporting the need for women to learn effective self-defense.
Sponsored by Harvard and Aetna. Discusses diseases and conditions, health lifestyle, general health issues.