Girls' Club Health HOTLIST
Kendal Henderson Burrell
Health Education: Health Care Perspectives for Teachers
University of San Diego Department of Continuing Education - A great source of kid friendly recipes, plus more! - Supplied a wonderful fitness quiz to get kids thinking. -Offered good lesson plans for teachers and other links to sites for teacher reference. - Did a wonderful job outlining what a healthy body image is and was also geared to girl power. -Seemed more appropriate for older grade levels. It didn't have the bells and whistles some of the others offered. However, it did do a nice job of offering suggestion for parents to be involved. -Geared for helping girls stay healthy and what they can do to prevent health risks in the future. It also supplied a great calendar to download to help kids keep track of their progress. - I think it is important that young people chosing to become vegetarians know what it means other than “saving animals”. This site also gave great ideas on how parents can be supportive of the diet change. -This site was wonderful because it gave parents tips on how to get their child to eat a healthy vegetarian diet and also provided very simple recipes for children to follow themselves that met healthy vegetarian guidelines. - I thought this was a wonderful site since it was designed by first graders to teach the visitor about the food pyramid. It also offered some fun elementary activities to do with much younger students to get them aware at an early age. - This site address portion control, something I don’t think many people understand. I thought it was helpful because it offered very really examples of foods in each food group. It also had a great link to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.