Health, Fitness, and Disease Hotlist
NIck Deligencia
Health Education: Health Care Perspectives for Teachers
University of San Diego Department of Continuing Education
Click on the LOVELINE link on the left-hand side of the screen. Iím no doctor, but my students frequently come to me with medical/health questions. I always refer them to our teen clinic (itís free to registered students), but I also usually tell them to call Dr. Drew. Itís actually become a powerful resource for many of my students because even if itís not cool to listen to your English teacher, it is cool to listen to Adam and Dr. Drew. By the way, for those of you who are unfamiliar with Dr. Drew, he is a real doctor who hosts a radio show called LoveLine. KROQ is the radio station in Los Angeles that airs the show weeknights at 10:00 p.m. Some of the content is inappropriate for younger children.

This site provides all kinds of information about general health, diseases, addictions, etc. Itís a good general reference, and many students use this site and WebMD for research resources for their Health and Science projects.

This is the WebMD site address. Itís like the HealthScout page, but it also has links to health-related news articles.

24 Hour Fitness
Please donít consider this an endorsement for 24 Hour Fitness. I often try to refer parents to online tipsheets like this one; for some reason it seems to have more credibility if the parents can see the original source of my information. I also feel like it minimizes my liability because I didnít tell them what to do, I only referred them to information.

Centers for Disease Control
How could I not include the Center for Disease Control website? I often encourage students to do their own research about the diseases and health concerns that they hear about in the news and in their classes. The CDC Factbook is also a handy resource (kind of like the CIA Factbook).

About Nutrition
One of our Health teachers turned me on to this site. It has a lot of information about, you guessed it, nutrition. I like that it has links to different nutrition topics like healthy recipes, eating advice, and diet analysis. I also noticed that it has news links that are suspiciously similar to those in the electronic newsletter.

Teen Pregnancy
I wish that this site was not as important to my Hotlist as it is. The very first time I taught 10th grade English, 8 out of 8 girls in my class either had a baby or had gotten pregnant by the end of March. This site has a parent tipsheet (you know how I love those), research data and results, and links to related news articles.

This page has information about prenatal health, including and FAQ page. Like the site referenced above, I wish I didnít think this was an important resource for our students.

American Dental Association
This is the site for the American Dental Association. I donít know about your students, but many of my students neither brush nor floss on a regular basis. At least one of the questions in the survey was related to oral health.

OSHA recently came to my school to begin an investigation into what may turn out to be a disproportionate cancer rate among our teachers. We have not yet received a report, but many teachers quickly sought information about the various types and features of cancer. This site has links to news, research/clinical trials, and hopeful stories about cancer survivors.

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