Teen Health and Fitness Hotlist
Richard Everakes

Health Education: Health Care Perspectives for Teachers
University of San Diego Department of Continuing Education

This is a government site that’s full of info for teens. My favorite part of this site is the eating sensibly section.

Click on the ‘Health & Nutrition’ button and you arrive at a hip page about teen nutrition. It looks like it is made by teens for teens.

A resource for those suffering from eating disorders which contains support chat, motivational chats, and a coping bank for teens.

Focus on battling junk food and unhealthy body image

Specifically for moms of teenage girls to help body image problems

-Another good site for teens containing an eat 5 fruits and vegetables/day animation
-Offers many resources such as posters, booklets, and lesson plans

- A no nonsense, black and white guide to healthy eating by a personal trainer
- Concise!

- A self help checklist for obese teens filled with common diction and interesting factoids

- Another teen nutrition site containing neat interactive tools

- Many teens are choosing to be vegetarians, so I picked this site for those teens interested in learning whether or not they can maintain proper nutrition while living a vegetarian lifestyle