Nutrition Hotlist
Heather Everson
Health Education: Health Care Perspectives for Teachers
University of San Diego Department of Continuing Education
A comprehensive health site including fitness, discipline, general health, medical conditions, and nutrician.
Primary nutricion and health education lesson plans and learning activities of elementary school.
Birth and up: A comprehensive site on health for children of all ages.
Infants to teens
Includes nutrician, parenting tips, safety, first aid, and sympton guide.
Topics include obesity, diet, and exercise.

Dietary guide for healthy children ages 2-11.
Primary: Includes nutrition, receipes, activities, stories, and tips for parents.
A comprehensive health site offering different options for parrents, kids, and teens.
K-12: This site offers articles about fitness and nutrition, downloadable charts, videos and equipment, all aimed at children's nutrician.
ages 2-18
Includes exercises for children and their target heart rate.

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