Childhood Nutrition Hotlist
Molly Gubler
Health Education: Health Care Perspectives for Teachers
University of San Diego Department of Continuing Education

Keep Kids Healthy- Childrens Nutrition Guide
This site helps us learn more about childhood nutrition, including the food guide pyramids, understanding food labels, and providing kids with enough vitamins, minerals and calories.

Nutrition- Gale Encyclopedia of Childhood and Adolescence
Looks at the nutritional needs and recommendations for children from infancy to adolescence.

Nutrition Research Newsletter- Childhood Obesity
Discusses a Spanish study of overweight schoolchildren that suggests that eating habits instilled in the young persist into adulthood.

Nutrition Research Newsletter-Childhood Energy Intake
Article discusses how increased energy intake early in life can positively effect the later development of cancer.

Nutrition Today- Childhood Diet and Breast Cancer Risk
Cutting down on animal fats and eating more fruits and vegetables during childhood may help lessen lifelong breast cancer risk.

Preschool Nutrition
Take the food guide pyramid quiz to learn about the dietary needs of toddlers.

MCH Library- Knowledge Path: Child and Adolescent Nutrition
This guide points to key resources on the topic of child and adolescent nutrition.

Childhood Nutrition
The importance of nutrition in children from birth to age 21 is critical for healthy growth and development. Parentsí behaviors and attitudes towards food will be what their children follow throughout his or her life.