Health HotList


            This site provides activities for teachers to educate students on alcohol consumption, effects of alcohol and laws relating to alcohol consumption and sales. The site also provides links to detailed activities teachers can use for alcohol education as well as other sites.


            This site is a homepage for a variety of links that address alcohol education to students. Links include emotional health, healthy eating habits, physical activity and sex and alcohol.


            The site discusses a comprehensive school health education program. Topics include prevention and education. The best link offered by this site is to a library of resources to aid teachers instruction.


            This site is from the UK but the programs and strategies it discusses can easily transfer to aid American teachers in their classes. A useful link on this site is a pamphlet to help parents talk to their children about alcohol.


            This site offers a vast array of links to sites discussing topics dealing with research projects, support models, social norms, research and teaching resources, alcohol and health information.


            This site is dedicated to teens and substance abuse. The site offers links on treatment, sex education, prevention, health problems, self-esteem, college drinking issues and support for families among many others.


            This site discusses the warning signs of teenage alcohol and drug abuse. Links include sites on depression, alcoholics in the family and tobacco and kids.


            This site provides links to a wide array of research sites and facts on alcohol use and abuse. Another good link is the affects of the media on alcohol use including news articles on the topic. This is a great site to aid in educating students on alcohol before they go to college.


            This site has a lot of links that are pro-alcohol, such as alcohol fun facts. But it also has a number of links on youth issues, underage drinking and a variety on health issues.


            This site features information on the affects of alcohol on a person. Topics discussed include the affects on appearance, the brain, organs and the immune system.




            I took the opportunity this assignment afforded and researched sites on alcohol abuse and education. I think this issue is very important for the age group I intend to teach (11th and 12th grade). I believe the more students are prepared for what they will encounter in college the better chance they have to overcome and succeed. I have taken a couple classes on drug and alcohol abuse counseling and found these websites to be a useful addition to my collection of resources. Although my list is dedicated to alcohol education the links on the sites relate directly to health issues in teenagers and adults. This list barely scratches the surface of what is out there but it is definitely a good start.