Nutrition Hotlist
C. Lobao

  • is a website that has activities for kids, teens, parents, and teachers. Kids and teens are able to do activities that teach them about nutrition and health. Teachers can navigate nutritional lesson plans and see approaches to teaching nutrition. Parents can view nutritional products for their children. The website also has U.S., Canadian, and world links to websites that sponsor good nutrition.

    A website dedicated to educating teens about their health and nutrition. The website not only houses information about physical health, but about emotional and mental health as well. Teens can navigate through health topics, food facts, exercising tips, answer body trivia, and much more. The website also addresses issues specific to teens like drugs, alcohol, and sexual activity.
  • BASF Fresh Starts
    A website that parents, kids, adults, and teachers can visit for information and activities related to good nutrition. Teachers can find lesson plans for the classroom and parents can find activities to do at home. Recipes are also included so that parents can cook healthy meals for their children. Team Antioxidant is a feature of the website and would be of interest to the younger visitors to the site.
  • American Frozen Food Institute’s: Active Kids Take Five to Eat Five
    This site explains five a day and provides healthy menus that include fruits and vegetables. The site has recent news about fruits and vegetables as well as a contest for kids to participate in.
  • FNIC
    The Food and Nutrition Information Center contains resources on nutrition, information about dietary supplements, dietary guidelines, the food guide pyramid, and a link for consumers to see healthy products. Teachers also have their own link so that they can find ways to introduce nutrition into the classroom. A link to food safety is also available.
  • Medline Plus
    This site provides trusted nutritional information for teens, adults, and teachers. The site publishes breaking news about nutrition, news from the National Institutes of Health, results of clinical trials, pictures and diagrams, and much more. This site is especially useful for statistics, guidelines, and issues related to health and nutrition.
  • TeensHealth
    A site dedicated to providing health and nutrition knowledge for teens. The link on this site include resources to take care of the body and mind, sexual health, fitness, drugs and alcohol, safety, diseases and conditions, and recipes for nutritional living.
  • Nutrition Café
    Nutrition Café is an interactive website where children, adolescents, and teens can play games and learn about nutrition. One game has children trying to choose the healthy meals, another has them trying to find a missing nutrient. The site is colorful and would be attractive to a younger audience.
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
    A vast resource for all issues related to health. Information and links are provided regarding many aspects of nutrition and healthy living. This is a world-wide connection to health and nutrition information.
  • Nutrition Explorations
    This site is a fun, colorful, and interactive website for educators, parents, foodservice employees, and children. It offers lesson plans, recipes, diagrams, and strategies for fostering healthy eating habits. The foodservice link also has news regarding nutrition in schools. Younger visitors can play health related games and learn by having fun.