Nutrition and Fitness Hotlist
Jeffrey Martineau
Health Education: Health Care Perspectives for Teachers
University of San Diego Department of Continuing Education
Dole 5 A is a fun, informative site for all ages. It is sponsored by the Dole Company, and it emphasizes the importance of eating fruits and vegetables. It has useful links for families and teachers as well as fun interactive links for children. The site contains an easy to use point and click format, has many colorful pictures and animation, and many of the kid links contain catchy tunes, online games, and even an interactive online coloring book.
US FDA and the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition site is an excellent text-based source for information about food safety and nutrition. Included off the homepage is a "Special Interest Areas" link For Kids, Teens, & Educators that offers a wealth of information related to proper eating habits and general health. The site titled For Kids, Teens, & Educators is user friendly and interactive. Topics covered include food safety, cooking safety, germs, and career fields related to food and nutrition.
American Heart Association site is a must click site. It contains tasty, healthy recipes, suggestions and guidelines for healthy eating, and details on how to shed unwanted pounds in a safe and healthy manner. has informative links related to health and fitness for all ages. Each link covers age appropriate material and topics, and provides students with information related to healthy life decisions. is an excellent site designed specifically for kids. The homepage contains many links to such topics as, "dealing with feelings," "staying healthy," "my body," "growing up," and "kids' health problems" to name a few. The site also has an excellent link related to "health problems of grown-ups," which provides easy, general information related to health problems a kid's parents or grandparents may be experiencing. The site is extremely user friendly and is also available is Spanish. is an informative site designed mainly for adults. The site contains a wealth of information related to lifelong fitness and healthy living. The link to "Nutrition and fitness" provides a wealth of information related to general information, physical fitness, and weigh loss management. Also included is a site devoted solely to senior care.
Adolescent and School Health site is a link off of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site. The site contains useful information for both teachers and parents, and it includes downloadable brochures for families and educators designed to "Increase Physical Activity Among Youth." The site also contains informative information on current health issues that are affecting children and adolescents across the country. is an excellent site dedicated to children of all ages. Information ranges from nutrition to workouts, and monthly prizes are awarded to children who send in the best story of their goal to get fit. The site is extremely user friendly, and exercise activities are organized into age appropriate brackets. Kids will especially enjoy the "FunFact" link with information related to all sorts of healthy facts. provides teachers with a wealth of information on nutrition and nutrition related lesson plans and activities. Also included is an interactive "kid's corner" link. is an excellent site for both parents and student athletes who want to learn how to optimize their performance as athletes through proper eating and exercising. The site contains excellent links to other health and fitness related sites as well as downloadable guides and charts.