Pregnancy Fitness Hotlist
Janet Montgomery

Health Education: Health Care Perspectives for Teachers
University of San Diego Department of Continuing Education
This website has 10 tipes for a healthy pregnancy. It discusses foods to avoid, has a nutrition list and food safety. It discusses fitness that is good when a woman is pregnant.
This website has articles on development and growth of the baby. It discusses health for a woman including breast feeding and nutrition while breast feeding.
This site discusses the importance of folic acid in a woman's system right before and early in pregnancy. Folic acid can reduce nural tube defacts in children.
This site discusses the 300 extra calories a day that a woman must get during pregnancy. It talks about medicine tht woman should take and nutrients including; protein, calcium, folic acid, vitamin c, breast feeding, what to eat and how much to eat.
This site has a wealth of articles, news items, illustrations and special fetures about babies, pregnancy, and nutrition. There are discussions about child birth experiences and month by month development of the baby.
This site has a ton of articles which discuss pregancy health and safety. You can brouse through articles to find one that matches your interest.
This site has daily tipes for moms to be regarding health. It has a pregancy and childbirth health library with a lot of information. There are articles on labor, delivery, birth defects, breastfeeding and problems in pregnancy to name a few.
This site focuses on nutrition and weight. It has the nutrients needed by a woman and includes great recipes and menues to aid in eating right. It lists food concerns and tipes for vegetarians.
This website has a personalized online calendar with free parenting magazines. there are many that deal with nutrition and health during pregnancy. You can keep a journal as you go.
this site is good for new parents or for people who are expecting. It discusses morning sickness and what to do to stay healthy. it also provides types for problems such as swelling. It has a lot of adive and child care information regarding nutrition.