Women's Health Hotlist
Cynthia Peiper
Health Education: Health Care Perspectives for Teachers
University of San Diego Department of Continuing Education

The Women's Institute
A good source for health issues related to many, but specifically for women, such as weight gain during menopause, adult acne, etc. There are also interesting options for natural remedies to common illnesses.

Drexler University Women's Health
An online resource for medical students in promoting and teaching about womens health issues. Also includes many topics for use in with our students and even in our classrooms such as topics for discussion and games.

The Center for Young Women's Health
This is a fun site with information on health care issues relating to girls and young women 12-22. The design and organization is much more user friendly and less "clinical" than many sites out there relating to health. They even represent themselves to the hispanic population, and this could be a fun way to tie it into my Spanish class!

National Women's Health Information Center
This is a fun, upbeat website including articles on pertinent women's health issues. I was happy to see that they included topics on eating disorders, which women are much less likely to talk about than some of the other common women's issues.

Dole Five A Day
While designed much more for kids than specifically related to women's health issues, I could not resist the fun and friendly environment. We could all stand to eat a little more fruit. There are some awesome activities for our classrooms for promoting healthy eating.

Self Magazine
The website has fabulous health and nutrition information for the whole family, not just women's issues. There is also a fun health trivia section.

Womens Health Interactive
This site is supported by a dietician and promotes the generating of a health action plan as well as assessing your health and nutrition (not just weight!) I would recommend this for women of all ages.

Nutrition Navigator
This site has information on health issues relating to women, men, for the classroom, etc. Another great feature of this site, however, are the related links to numerous other helpful related websites.

Aetna InteliHealth
This website has fun and education information regarding healthy living including interactive activities such as "what shape is your pyramid?" Informally linked to Harvard Medical School.

Fat Attack
Just for kicks…this site includes some healthy(er) alternatives to the cycles of unsuccessful weightloss attempted by countless women and girls. While websites relating to weightloss without promotion of some miracle cure do exist, they are few and far between. This one seemed to have the down to earth, real life solution – healty eating!