Nutrition and Fitness HotList
Prepared by: Will Pope
Health Education: Health Care Perspectives for Teachers

University of San Diego Department of Continuing Education
The Iowa State University Extension Website focuses on food safety education. There are various sections available for consumers (some for teachers specifically) which provide a wealth of information. Lesson plans are provided with an on-line grading option. A link to resources and publications offers many perspectives on food safety. This website acts as a resource itself, with detailed descriptions of food-borne pathogens with symptoms and treatments. Kids would enjoy the 10 steps to a safe kitchen PowerPoint presentation.
This website provides information that can help people with diabetes. It can also help answer the questions of family members and caregivers. The Diabetes Clinic section addresses frequently asked questions concerning children diagnosed with diabetes. This section also includes information on a healthy diet, blood testing, and summer camps. The People section lets both parents and kids share experiences, problems, and solutions, with similarly afflicted people.
The Mayo Clinic provides a resourceful mix of health information. There are specific sections that address a healthy heart, cancer, food and nutrition, diabetes, pain management and working life. Mental health is addressed in a Timely Topics section. The Ask an Expert section offers a forum for health questions answered by a health professional. The Children’s

Health Center section is currently posting an article about raising active kids; it reads like an excerpt from chapter four! The scope of this site is comprehensive and easy to access.
The Dole Food Company offers an entertaining and informative website about the benefits of fruits and vegetables. Teachers can download lesson plans aimed at third and fourth grade students. The
Reference Center

features an encyclopedia that covers the healthy particulars of a variety of fruits and vegetables. The Kids section includes games, cartoon characters, and lots of healthy recipes that kids can prepare. This site is very kid friendly and could easily be used to supplement classroom teaching.
This is another comprehensive site that covers a wide variety of health issues. A Food Facts section provides information about the food pyramid, dieting, food supplements, and dietary guidelines. A Food Safety section provides links to articles within a database that address food borne illnesses, biotechnology, and pesticides. The Life Cycle Issues section offers insight on health issues unique to certain age groups, ethnicities, and genders. A Health Management section provides information about disease prevention, fitness and health education. This is an excellent resource for a variety of health topics!
The Pacific Science Center and Washington State Dairy Council have put together a nice site in the Nutrition Café. This is a kid-oriented website with a variety of interactive activities. The Nutrition Sleuth section asks students to identify missing nutrients from fictitious characters’ case files. The game is conducted similarly to hangman. The Grab a Grape section is a Jeopardy-style game where answers are given and the computer user must supply the question. The Have a Bite Café’ section offers nutritional information about menu choices. This is an excellent site for students!
Rebecca Henderson has created a nice family-oriented website that promotes healthy living.
A Nutrition section provides several articles about the healthful implications of the food we eat. It also has a recipe page with healthy meals that kids can make. A Fun Facts section compares the nutritional value of various sport drinks, displays a timeline for keeping or tossing leftovers, and provides an archive of other topics. A Workout section provides kid-friendly exercises. Great site… but I wonder how often it is updated.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention supply a wealth of information on this website. BAM! (Body and Mind) health is the topic, kids are the target. The Fit 4 Life section gives tips for eating healthy and staying active. The Str8 Talk section provides an interactive game to convey information. A Head Strong section addresses mental health and making healthy lifestyle choices. This site offers interactive content that students can use to investigate health and science topics.
The Kids Healthworks website is a media companion to the Discovery Channel’s Kids Healthworks television show. It is constructed as a parenting resource with a variety of applicable sections, including behavior, development, family matters, fitness and health. The Topics section offers full articles about a number of issues, including ADHD, body image, dental health, and chronic illnesses.
This website provides a variety of resources to parents, teachers and health professionals. The emphasis is on parenting infants and toddlers, yet topics range from infant feeding problems, to the eating habits of teens, to nutrition guidance for young athletes. A question and answer forum is managed by Sue Gilbert, resident nutritionist. A search feature provides additional access to alternate sites.