Childhood Fitness Hotlist

Todd Redner
Health Education: Health Care Perspectives for Teachers
University of San Diego Department of Continuing Education

President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports
The site provides information on the what, why and hows of the council.
But, there are two sections that provide resources and articles on physical fitness. The sections are "See Why" and "Learn About". Check these areas for specific physical fitness topics.

Project Fit America
Many useful resources for getting our students physically fit.
Non profit organization dedicated to improving the fitness of American youth.

Maternal and Child Health Library
The site includes web sites that provide online publications on many different topics dealing with childhod health issues.

The Solution Site
The site is dedicated to providing lesson plans for educators of K-12 students. The older students can participate in the learning process.
For Physical Fitness lesson plans, you click on the find a unit. The link will ask what subject and grade level. There will be about five to six lesson plans for each age group.

American Alliance for Health Physical Education Recreation and Dance
The association promotes healthy lifestyle through physical fitness by providing section on issues and action and a community discussion discussion area.

Health Teacher
The site is set up to provide an alternative approach to improving school based health education.
There are two important areas for the teacher:
One is the lesson guides link, that provides lessons to meet the National Health Education Standards.
The second area is the Teacher Supports section. This section provides information on each core concept from the framework.

Kids Health
This is a site for the kids. They can navigate by themselves or have aparent help them through the different areas within the site.
The site provides informnation, games and concepts about health and living a healthy lifestyle. The site is child friendly.

Healthier US.Gov
The site provides an overview on physical fitness.
After the overview, the site provides articles in five different categories, physical fitness, physical fitness and nutrition, diabetes, obesity and blood pressure.

Fitness Partner Connection
The site provides quality fitness, health and nutrition related information and education.
The site is a non-commercial site that contributes to the awareness and momentum of the health and fitness movement by providing resources and support that will cultivate happy, healthy, and fit lifestyles.

Leading Health Indicators for Healthy People 2010
The site provides readers with a reasearch project that explores physical fitness and health in the next decade.

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