Nutrition and FitnessHotlist
Christy Reynolds
Health Education: Health Care Perspectives for Teachers
University of San Diego Department of Continuing Education
Kids Health:
This site provides link for kids, teens and parents. It is very user friendly and relates information in a manner in which young people can understand. It is interactive and thorough covering topics that deal with health issues at school and at home. Some topics include feelings/moods/emotions, use of drugs, school situations, dealing with parents, etc. It explains why and what one can do about it. Good resource to hand out to students.
PE Central Log It!
PE Central and NEW LIFESTYLES would like to welcome you to Log It - the program that allows students, teachers, businesses, and individuals to record their physical activity steps, miles, and kilometers. You can set a daily goal, compare your progress to others, and classes can take a hike across the United States! This is a great way to provide fitness incentive to students.
The Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center Drive thru Diet.
This site is great when going a lesson on nutrition. Part of my nutrition lesson has the students recording what they eating and determining the nutritional value of it. Since so many students eat fast food, this will demonstrate how unhealthy it is for them. There are 13 different fast food restaurants to choose from, each one lists its menu, where the students click on what they ate and press total for the calorie, fat, cholesterol and sodium breakdown.
Bodies in Motion, Minds at Rest

The web site is designed to improve both physical and mental health. One can learn what to do to get in good shape and stay that way, how to better them self as a person and be a good companion, and how to deal with the issues that affect them. After reading, if there is a question left unanswered, they may ask about it in the chat area and discuss the problem with people similar to them. Great site to provide to students/parents and incorporate into a lesson raising personal health awareness.
Kid Grid
This site if for teachers to use. It lists a multitude of links covering all types of health concerns including braces, exercise, safety, nutrition, and advice for adolescents. One can gather background info form a link, games for kids to play, etc. Great resource!
Health and Nutrition
On the interactive activities link, there are games and webquests for students to experience. Webquests are great ways to incorporate technology into the curriculum. The focus of the activities is nutrition. The webquests I tested on this site were very user friendly, and in need of no alteration prior to use in the classroom.
Fitness Jumpsite: Fitness Calculator
This site calculates how many calories one burns while doing a multitude of different activities for a specific duration. Visitors simply put in their weight and a specific time period. Then at the click of the mouse, a report shows how many calories one would burn in the given time doing lists of activities. I included this site only because students often ask how many calories they burn doing exercises and this will help us teachers answer those questions.
Ten Things Parents Can Do to Prevent Eating Disorders
All ten are great for parents to be aware of in hopes of preventing a few children from falling victims. Many of them tie into the reading this week.
Managing Your Weight
This site has 21 links all related to weight management. This is where I found the above site. The links can be shared with troubled students, as well as provide knowledge for us teachers on the accuracies of our lessons. The sites talk about the truths behind the quick weight loss diets, how to properly manage your weight, eating disorders, relationship between food and feelings, importance of fitness and metabolism/calories/scales. Great information!
Presidential Fitness Standards
This one page site displays the expectations of students by age and sex for the particular fitness tests. What I liked even more than viewing the expectations of my students and being able to share this with them on a monitor is the link to the Fitness Challenge Website. The link provides plans and advice on how the students should begin to prepare for the testing and how to keep an active lifestyle appropriate for them.