Nutrition~Fitness Hotlist for the Whole Family
Rosa Isela Sánchez
Health Education: Health Care Perspectives for Teachers
University of San Diego Department of Continuing Education

Since I am a bilingual teacher I decided to add some websites in Spanish.

La opinión digital (Spanish)
This is a great website for parents offering help from the pregnancy stage into adulthood.

Salud y Nutrición (Spanish)
This website offers many different links on nutrition as well as the importance of a good breakfast which is especially important for children.

Univisión (Spanish)
Type: “salud” in the “uniclave” section
This website has the latest news on health and exercise for the whole family.

PE Central: The Premier Web Site for Health & Physical Educators
This website offers you lesson plans for physical education and it breaks them down by grade level.
You may also submit any lesson plans you may have.

Healthy Kids
This website is a great website for parents.
It includes recipes as well as developmental stages in a child’s life, activities and general health information.

Food and Nutrition Fun for Children
I love this website.
Here you’ll find a list of books with a brief description.
This is great for incorporating literature.

American School Food Service Association
Here you’ll find links to child nutrition which includes research, education, and food pyramids.
You can also find some tasty healthy recipes.

Dole 5 a Day
This website has great suggestions and lesson plans to help you incorporate fruits into students daily lives. It also has games, music, facts and children’s cookbooks.

These next two websites are two of my favorites

I am currently on the Atkins Diet and it’s been working great for me. I
know it’s still a “diet” that is not well looked upon but here is the website for those of you who are curious about the low carb diet.

Shape Magazine
I have been a subscriber of Shape Magazine for about 5 years now. It’s a great magazine that incorporates everything from fitness to beauty.