Health Education Hotlist

Julia Schaefer
Health Education: Health Care Perspectives for Teachers
University of San Diego Department of Continuing Education

Dole 5-a-Day
At this site kids and teachers can access numerous nutrition ideas. Teachers can find lesson plans while kids can work on nutrition themed games and quizzes. A kids cookbook is also available as well as a program for kids to set their own nutrition goals. This site would be good to recommend to parents. It has areas of focus for the picky eater, how to cook as a family, and helping children make good nutrition choices. Tips are available for children of all age groups.

Kid Source
This site has 10 simple readings about tips for promoting better childhood health. Again, this might be a site to recommend to the parents of your students to help them get started with good nutrition at home. This site was written by pediatricians and is very informative. There is a special school age section dealing with nutrition tips. Parents can sign up for the free newsletter that discuss a wide range of health topics for children.

Nutrition Explorations
This site is good for both educators and parents. Teachers can access lesson plans, the latest news regarding nutrition , and share their ideas with others. Parents can find recipes, tips for busy families and ways to cook together.

This website provides schools with ideas to start your own school garden. The site emphasizes good nutrition through modeling at your own school. You can access the plans of other schools who have had success with this program. There are also tips on planning a garden based on your school's specific needs.

This site has some great lesson plan ideas for integrating health into your curriculum. The lesson plans are listed by subject matter and give some very basic, but interesting ideas for teaching your kids about nutrition and physical activity.

PE Central
This site also offers lesson plan ideas for teachers for integrating health into the curriculum. They also have other links listed for students to explore that deal with physical activity and nutrition. Online quizzes are available for students to assess their own health.
At this site you can access healthy recipes and games to inspire fitness and good nutrition. Teachers can use this site to load up on good ideas such as new games from around the world that get kids moving. This is really geared toward elementary school age children.

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