Teen Health Hotlist
Shane Snyder
Health Education: Health Care Perspectives for Teachers
University of San Diego Department of Continuing Education

1) The Parent Report
A good site for both parents and teens seeking information on subjejcts ranging from healthy diets to eating disorders.

2) Parenting Teens
Contains links to a variety of articles on teen health and nutrition.

3) Vegetarian Nutrition for Teenagers
A terrific site for teens who are already practicing vegetarians or those considering becoming vegans. Includes info on how to be a "smart" vegan - choosing foods providing the nutritional balance teens need.

4) "Should I Let My Teenager Become a Vegetarian?"
Article highlighting the benefits for teens who choose vegetarianism.

5) Teens!
A teen-friendly site presenting nutritional information (including the "Food Pyramid"), including games and learning activities.

6) Fit Teen (****)
A very cool site designed specifically for teens, with health, nutrition, and fitness information.

7) Nutricise - Teen Health
A fitness site for teens with articles on the b4enfits of specific physical activities.

8) Teen Health and Fitness (****)
This site is LOADED with information and links to a wide variety of articles and sites devoted to teen health, nutrition, and fitness

9) Cool Nurse (Gets my "Best Site for Teens Award"
A smart, comprehensive, health and wellness site for teenagers that speaks to them in their language on a wide range of important health, nutrtion, fitness, and other issues.