Fitness and Nutrition Hotlist

Maria Spellman
Health Education: Health Care Perspectives for Teachers
University of San Diego Department of Continuing Education

-This website has articles on health and fitness, recommendations for kid-friendly workout videos, food pyramid and nutition log downloads.
-This site has lots of articles on health and fitness for teenagers, parents and teachers.
-This site includes the article "A Parent's Guide to Fitness for Kids Who Hate Sports".
-This website has a parent's page and a fun 'n' games page for kids and teachers.
-This site has a wealth of information for kids, parents and teachers, presented in a fun way.

-This is a great site for teachers and parents. It has lesson plans and just a lot of information.
-This site is perfect for teenagers. It has celebrity photos, free giveaways, and contests.
-This website has many articles on nutrition for parents, students and teachers.
-This site has lots of information about fitness and health, and it is geared specifically towards kids.
-This website has many lesson plans and activities to help teach students the importance of good nutrition.

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