Nutrition Hotlist
Sarah Sundberg

Health Education: Health Care Perspectives for Teachers
University of San Diego Department of Continuing Education -
Mainly for students ages 15 and up or for teachers. This site includes information on emotional health and well being, drugs, alcohol, safety, and physical activity. -
Includes a fitness library, calorie counter (really cool) and advice on how to manage weight. It also has a nice review of books on nutrition and health. All ages. -
Has fun recipes, games, power snacks, and a Time Challenge game with a scavenger hunt and fitness challenge. Ages 8-13. -
G ood for older kids, especially junior high or high school. I'd advise using this for a research report. It has lots of information on disorders and diseases. - This is the American Dietetic Association web site. It features a daily health tip and will also help you locate a dietician. Also includes information on a healthy lifestyle. Good for ages 13-adult. -
This website is designed to help people quit smoking. It details facts about health risks and gives free materials to those who wish to quit smoking. Ages 15 - adult. -
Details 5 Ways to a Health Life as well as ways to eat together and be active together in the "Fun and Friends" section. Ages 8-12. -
10 tips to healthy eating and physical activity. Really good tips, including #1 - Eat Breakfast! All ages! - This website specializes in healthy recipes using beef. It has a "Health Club" section with a nutrition station, fitness room, and food guide. Good for ages 8-13. -
Need to know about growth and genetics? Great information about DNA and genes as well as braces, broken bones, and growing pains. Ages 9-18.