Nutrition and Fitness HOTLIST
Chevonne Suter Jow
Health Education: Health Care Perspectives for Teachers
University of San Diego Department of Continuing Education

Keeping Kids Healthy-Children’s Nutrition Guide
Provides information, articles and links on nutrition, diet, health screenings and more for infants through adolescents.

Nutrition Today: Dietary Fat and Children’s Health
A journal article discussing how much fat children should have in their diets and the link to diseases such as atherosclerosis and obesity.

Nutrition Action-Diet and Behavior in Children
Article discusses how food additives like dyes, caffeine, and preservatives affect children with ADHD or can cause similar symptoms.

Essence-Food for Thought, Nutrition for Children
Article discusses how a balanced diet in children aids in brain development and academic performance.

Sizing Up Kids’ Nutrition and Fitness
Relates the value of diet in proper growth and development of children, exercise in maintaining weight and health, and consumer education in healthy choices.

Fitness and Healthful Eating for Children
Provides tips for getting children to eat healthy foods and engage in exercise, along with contacts to obtain additional information.

Teach Nutrition
Teacher resources: activities and lessons about nutrition for teachers to use in their classrooms.

Benefits of Fitness on Children
Information on how fitness benefits children and the psychological effects of physical activity.

The Challenges of Childhood Nutrition
Tips for parents on how to provide a healthy diet for their children.

Making the Grade with Good Nutrition
A quiz to see how much you know about nutrition.