This sight is awesome. It is actually the link to several websights created by educators and students. Go to the site and click on health and fitness. Here are a few that I liked.

Sports and Health - created by Georgian Forest Elementary School
It's very kid friendly and covers health and hygiene, as well as sports topics.

Fun Fitness - Exercising does your body good!
Fit and Healthy: Earth and Me
"Find out how to keep both yourself and our planet Earth fit and healthy!"
Making the Most of Childhood
Topics covered include sports, exercise, movie ratings, movie/television violence, and homework.
Bodies in Motion Minds at Rest
Designed to improve physical and mental health. It covers diet and exercise, teen issues, attitude, and more. Chat room with trainers, atheletes, and other teens available.
Kidfit "Get Fit! Don't Quit"
Provides a personal training chart and instructions on how to perform various exercises.
A great sight for healthy eating ideas. Includes recipes with nutritional information.
An AIDS and HIV information site with diet, nutrition, and exercise links.
One site with a multitude of information. Click on Healthy Living to find information on Food and Nutrition, Mental Health/Stress, Addictions, Safety and Injury Prevention, Physical Activity, Preventing Health Problems, First Aid, Crisis Control, and more.