Nutrition and Fitness HOTLIST
Crystal Tucker
Health Education: Health Care Perspectives for Teachers
University of San Diego Department of Continuing Education

First of all, as I'm sure you all know, there is TONS of information out there -- these are just the tip of the ice berg....
--promotes and encourages all of us to participate in some type of physical activitiy to become healtheir and feel better.
-- a great website for people of all ages. It discusses fitness, exercise and good nutrition--including recipies!!
-- Great ideas for parents and teachers alike with lots of activities and support venues.
-- This website includes lesson plans, classroom activities and resources, parent letters and even on line nutrition games for kids.
--The Kids Food Cyber Club has a section for kids, parents and teachers to check out ways to learn and/or teach more about nutrition and health.
--A health Q & A website sponsored by Columbia Univ. with all kinds of answers to all kinds of questions including nutrition and fitness.
--Nutrition information for parents teachers and school food service professionals.
-- Team nutririon links ideas form state to state to help educate and create better nutrition in our homes and schools
-- On this website if you click on the "Shape" logo you can learn about a program in CA to teach kids better nutrition--this is the program we use in my school district!!