Health and Fitness Hotlist
Jason Waddell
Health Education: Health Care Perspectives for Teachers
University of San Diego Department of Continuing Education
Specializing in health and fitness information including weight loss, diet, and nutrition.
health and fitness guide with recommendations, exercise instructions and video demonstrations, customized programs, and healthy recipes.
Articles on exercise programs, low fat cooking, metabolism, and warming up and cooling down.
M embership organization for health and fitness professionals.
Get hot news, helpful advice, key links, and invaluable perspective from our expert human Guides.
Teacher resource center for lesson plans from the PBS corporation.
Health, Fitness, and Diet information from the Federal Trade Commission.
The objective of this site is to provide Informational Tips and Services on Health and Fitness issues such as dieting, nutrition, exercise, etc so that you can better achieve your Health and Fitness Goals.
H ealth and fitness directory with links to nutrition, weight loss, diets, supplements, clothing, exercise, equipment, models, and more.
Fitness, health, diet tips, support, advice, recipes, nutrition and more. Free stuff, specials, articles, e-books and training manuals ...
P romotes living a fit and active lifestyle necessary for achieving personal health and wellness.
F eatures a wide range of medical information, health and wellness tips, news, and more.
Physical fitness news, forums, exercise diaries, getting started tips, and more from the American Heart Association.