Teenage Fitness Hotlist
Lawrie Webb

Health Education: Health Care Perspectives for Teachers
University of San Diego Department of Continuing Education

Exercise, diet and news for the teenager. Issues such as workout motivation, healthy eating, steriod use and how to get started in a fitness routine are discussed.

International Food Information Council
site contains a section for teenagers and a section for educators.
Articles on topics such as physical activity, nutrition and Bone health. It offers booklets for the classroom on various food safety and nutrition topics.

Double H
A good teenager website. It offers information on a healthy diet, balanced diet, safe dieting information and the food pyramid.

In The Mix
Site has access to public television shows relating to teenager subjects such as date violence /self esteem. Also Bodies in Motion deals with diet and exercise issues.

Think Quest :Nutrition on the Web
It advances education through technology. A network of students and teachers around the world. Deals with nutrition and diet of children around the world and where around the world kids are malnourished.

Exercises and physical activity for teens.

Cool Nurse
Discusses food and nutrition and food facts for girls Also deals with mental health and self esteem issues of of teenage girls.

4 Girl's Health
Deals with issues for adolescent girls' current health information. Models healthy behavior and choices.

Girl Health
San francisco based for girls by girls web site. More mature subject matter. Less about fitness more about health issues, food issues and staying safe.

Kids health
Great site for kids because they are able to ask questions regarding fitness, nutrition and health and of course other issues facing teens.