Nutrition and Fitness HOTLIST
Meredith Wu

Health Education: Health Care Perspectives for Teachers
University of San Diego Department of Continuing Education

Helping Children Get Thin
This web site deals with the fact that more and more children today are overweight. If a child is overweight what should you do to help? Wonderful guidelines and ideas are presented to help a child who is overweight.

Whatever Happened to Gym Class?
This web site talks about a new state-of-the-art program to help get and keep our kids in shape using methods of physical education that would appeal to almost any child. What ever happened to P.E? Due to budget cuts and time constraints P.E classes are disappearing at alarming rates.

Dole 5 A Day
This is a really neat web site for all different types of people who want to learn about nutrition. There is a section specifically dedicated to teachers and even a section for family and friends. In each section expect to find information on how to eat 5 a day. You will also find activities for kids on nutrition.

Childhood Obesity
Did you know that between 5-25 % of the children in the United States are obese? What are the causes of child obesity and what can you do to help a child fight obesity? What can you do to prevent child obesity?

Eating Disorders
This is a web site entirely dedicated to eating disorders. Each eating disorder is defined and signs are given to help you identify if a child you know might have an eating disorder.

Explore the World of Nutrition with Nutrition Explorations
his web site shows kids the Food Guide Pyramid and exactly how much of one category should be eaten daily. Click on a section of the pyramid and a chart will display exactly how many servings of this category one should have daily and what type of food fits into this category.

Stopping Kids From Overeating
This web site talks about helping kids from the very beginning not to overeat. According to the web site, a child’s serving size plays a large role in whether or not a child will have a weight problem in the future. Guidelines to help children eat the proper amounts are given.

In the Quest for Thinness, Has Your Teen Developed An Eating Disorder?
This article is dedicated to eating disorders and the desire to be thin. We need to help children develop a healthy self-esteem as well as a healthy body image for success.

Family Mealtime- The Importance of Eating Together
Often when we think of nutrition for our children we think of what they are eating. We need to also consider whom they are eating with. Sit down meals with our families is very important and should not be left out of a child’s life.

Healthy Snacks
At this web site you will find many different links to healthy snacks, anytime snacks, school time snacks, and snack alternatives. This web site would be perfect for anyone who is having difficulties finding healthy snacks for their children.