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Chapter 11: The Atomic Nature of Matter
Marymount High School
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Chapter Objectives:

  • Describe atoms and elements.
  • Compare the ages of atoms to the ages of the materials they compose.
  • Give examples that illustrate the small size of atoms.
  • State evidence for the existence of atoms.
  • Describe molecules.
  • Describe compounds.
  • Identify and describe the building blocks that make up the atom.
  • Explain the organization of the periodic table.
  • Describe the solid, liquid, gaseous, and plasma states of matter.

Chapter Terms:

  • atom
  • Brownian motion
  • atomic nucleus
  • electron
  • proton
  • neutron
  • atomic number
  • atomic mass unit (amu)
  • isotpes
  • periodic table
  • comound
  • molecule
  • chemical reaction
  • mixture
  • quantum mechanics
  • antimatter
  • dark matter

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Chapter Outline Framework:

  • The Atomic Hypothesis
  • The Elements
  • Atomic Imagery
  • The Electron
  • The Atomic Nucleus
  • The Proton
  • The Neutron
  • Quarks
  • Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures
  • Molecules
  • Antimatter
  • Dark Matter

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