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Chapter 20: Sound
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Chapter Objectives:

  • Relate the pitch of a sound to its frequency.
  • Describe the movement of sound through air.
  • Compare the transmission of sound through air with that through solids, liquids, and a vacuum.
  • Describe factors that affect the speed of sound.
  • Describe loudness and sound intensity.
  • Give examples of forced vibration.
  • Describe natural frequency.
  • Describe resonance.
  • Describe how sound waves interfere with one another.
  • Describe beats.

Chapter Terms:

  • infrasonic
  • untrasonic
  • compression
  • rarefaction
  • forced vibration
  • natural frequency
  • resonance
  • beats
  • carrier wave
  • modulation
  • amplitude modulation (AM)
  • frequency modulation (FM)

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Chapter Outline Framework:

  • Origin of Sound
  • Nature of Sound in Air
  • Media that Transmit Sound
  • Speed of Sound in Air
  • Reflection of Sound
  • Refraction of Sound
  • Energy in Sound Waves
  • Forced Vibrations
  • Natural Frequency
  • Resonance
  • Interference
  • Beats

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