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Chapter 24: Magnetism
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Chapter Objectives:

  • Compare and contrast magnetic poles and electric charges.
  • Use iron filings to interpret the strength of a magnetic field at different points near a magnet.
  • Relate the motion of electrons within a material to the ability of the material to become a magnet.
  • Describe what happens to the magnetic domains of iron in the presence of a strong magnet.
  • Describe the magnetic field produced by a current-carrying wire.
  • Describe how a magnetic field exerts a force on a charged particle in the field.
  • Describe some practical applications of a magnetic field exerting a force on a current-carrying wire.
  • Describe how a galvanometer and a motor work.
  • Suggest possible causes for Earth's magnetic field.

Chapter Terms:

  • magnetic force
  • magnetic field
  • magnetic domains
  • electromagnet

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Chapter Outline Framework:

  • Magnetic Forces
  • Magnetic Poles
  • Magnetic Fields
  • Magnetic Domains
  • Electric Currents and Magnetic Fields
  • Electtromagnets
  • Magnetic Force on Moving Charged Particles
  • Magnetic Force on Current-CarryingWires
    • Electric Meters
    • Electric Motors
    • Earth's Magnetic Field
    • Cosmic rays
    • Biomagnetism

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