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Chapter 27: Color
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Chapter Objectives:

  • Explain why white and black are not true colors.
  • Describe how the reflection of light affects an object's color.
  • Describe what determines whether a material reflects, transmits, or absorbs light of a particular color.
  • Describe white light.
  • Explain that color television tubes produce only red, green and blue light.
  • Define complementary colors.
  • Describe color mixing by subtraction and by addition.
  • Explain why the sky is blue, why sunsets are red, and why water is greenish-blue.
  • Explain how a spectrum can be used to identify the presence of an element.

Chapter Terms:

  • additive primary colors
  • complementary colors
  • subtractive primary colors

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Chapter Outline Framework:

  • Selective Reflection
  • Selective Transmission
  • Mixing colored Light
    • Complementary Colors
  • Mixing colored Pigments
  • why the Sky is Blue
  • Why Sunsets are Red
  • Why Clouds are White
  • Why Water is Greenish-Blue

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