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Chapter 36: General Theory of Relativity
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Chapter Objectives:

  • Describe the principle of equivalence.
  • Explain how gravity bends light
  • Discuss the relation of gravity and time.
  • Discuss the relation of gravity and space.
  • Discuss gravity as a dimension of space.
  • Explain gravitational waves.
  • Compare and contrast Newton's and Einstein's concepts of gravity.

Chapter Terms:

  • general theory of relativity
  • principle of equivalence
  • gravitational red shift
  • geodesic
  • gravitational wave

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Chapter Outline Framework:

  • Principle of Equivalence
  • Bending of Light by Gravity
  • Gravity and TIme: Gravitational Red Shift
  • Gravity and Space: Motion of Mercury
  • Gravity, Space, and a New Geometry
  • Gravitational Waves
  • Newtonin and Einsteininian Gravitation

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