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Chapter 5: Newton's Third Law of Motion
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Chapter Objectives:

  • Define force as part of an interaction.
  • State Newton's third law of motion.
  • Given an action force, identify the reaction force.
  • Explain why the accelerations caused by an action force and by a reaction force do not have to be equal.
  • Explain why an action force is not canceled by the reaction force.
  • Describe the horse-cart problem.
  • Explain why you cannot touch without being touched.

Chapter Terms:

  • vector
  • vector quantity
  • scalar quantity
  • resultant

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Chapter Outline Framework:

  • Forces and Interactions
  • Newton's Third Law of Motion
    • Defining Your System
    • Action and Reaction on Different Masses
  • Vectors
    • Force Vectors
    • Velocity Vectors
    • Components of Vectors

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