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Chapter 6: Momentum
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Chapter Objectives:

  • Define momentum.
  • Define impulse and describe how it affects changes in momentum.
  • Explain why an impulse is greater when an object bounces than when the same object comes to a sudden stop.
  • •Give an example of how the vector nature of momentum affects the law of conservation of momentum.

Chapter Terms:

  • momentum
  • impulse
  • relationship of impulse and momentum
  • conservation of momentum
  • elastic collision
  • inelastic collision

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Chapter Formulas:

mv(before event)= mv(after event)


Chapter Outline Framework:

  • Momentum
  • Impulse
  • Impulse Changes Momentum
    • Case 1: Increasing Momentum
    • Case 2: Decreasing Momentum Over a Long Time
    • Case 3: Decreasing Momentum Over a Short Time
    • Bouncing
    • Conservation of Momentum
    • Collisions
    • More Complicated Collisions

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