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Chapter 7: Energy
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Chapter Objectives:

  • Define and describe work.
  • Define and describe power.
  • Define mechanical energy.
  • Define potential energy.
  • Define kinetic energy and describe the work-energy theorem.
  • State the law of conservation of energy.
  • Describe simple machines and mechanical advantage.
  • Explain why no machine can have an efficiency of 100%.
  • Describe the role of energy in living organisms.

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Chapter Terms:

  • work
  • energy
  • kinetic energy
  • potential energy
  • work-energy theorem
  • conservation of energy
  • machine
  • conservation of energy for machines
  • efficiency

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Chapter Formulas:

W = Fd

Power = work/time

Kinetic Energy = Ke = ½ mv2

Work = ΔKe

Chapter Outline Framework:

  • Work
  • Power
  • Mechanical Energy
    • Potential Energy
    • Kinetic Energy
    • Work-Energy Theorem
  • Conservation of Energy
  • Machines
  • Efficiency
  • Comparison of Kinetic Energy and Momentum
  • Sources of Energy
  • Energy for Life

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