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Information about Gardens and Plants

  • Families of Flowering Plants technical information about all families of flowering plants
  • Features of Flowering Plants description of stem, roots, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds
  • Neoflora a plant and gardening database with search function and photographs
  • Botany Links
  • Gardens
  • Roses
  • Environmental Issues
  • Landscape Gardening
  • Botany Encyclopedia - Botany Encyclopedia with information on garden plants and pests. Also has encyclopedia of common names, botanical (latin names) and plant terms and a directory of pests and plant diseases.
  • Yahoo's Botany Index - a subdirectory found on the Yahoo Search Engine, is a good place to start your search on plants, flowers, trees. You can even find links to algae and unicellular plants here!
  • Survey of the Plant Kingdom - This site, from Manhattan College, states that its Survey presents examples of the diversity of the major plant groups and is designed in a way that the user can browse all or specific plant descriptions. It is intended as a resource for students at all levels, grades 9 through college, as well as amateurs who appreciate plants as gifts of nature...' It provides basic information and links to more extensive data at other Web sites.
  • Landscaping with Native Plants - from a brochure prepared by Dr. Noel Pavlovic, NoŽl Studer, Shelly Swisher and Dr. Ralph Grundel of the Lake Michigan Ecological Research Station, National Biological Service, Porter, IN and produced with funding from the Great Lakes National Program Office of the Environmental Protection Agency. It covers information on site conditions, natural vegetation communities, preparation, plant acquisition, time frames, etc.
  • Environmental Protection Agency Green Landscaping Site - Landscaping with native wildflowers and grasses improves the environment. Natural landscaping brings a taste of wilderness to urban, suburban, and corporate settings by attracting a variety of birds, butterflies and other animals. Once established, native plants do not need fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides or watering, thus benefiting the environment and reducing maintenance costs. Gardeners and admirers enjoy the variety of colors, shapes, and seasonal beauty of these plants. This site has information on native forest, prairie, and wetland sites as well as plant lists and case studies.
  • EPA Souce Book on Natural Landscaping- Explains basic principles and benefits and describes tools and techniques of natural landscaping
  • Wild Ones Handbook: A Voice for the Natural Landscaping Movement - Planting a prairie or a woodland, creating a water garden, landscaping for wildlife, buying and handling seed, garden design,....a great site!

Calfornia Native Plants

  • Burpee Seeds flower, vegetable, herb seeds as well as Tip of the Day and Article of the Week

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