Judith S. de Nuño
4750 Lincoln Blvd. # 288
Marina del Rey CA 90292

Phone: 310 577-8932
Fax: 310 577-8932
email:  jdenuno@mhs-la.org
homepage: http://www.jdenuno.com

email jdenuno@mhs-la.org
Degrees and Awards
Dean's List, Smith College, Northampton, MA
B. S.Summa Cum Laude in Environmental Health UCLA School of Public Health
Phi Beta Kappa, Eta of California, UCLA
M. A. in Biology, UC Santa Barbara
California Community College Credential 
Certificate of Merit, San Diego Miramar College
San Pedro Peninsula Chamber of Commerce Teacher of the Year Award
UCLA Certificate in Online Education
E-Learning~Online Teaching Experience:
  • Online Instructor, teacher education courses, University of San Diego Department of Continuing Education and onlinelearning.net
    Current Courses: Health Care Perspectives for Teachers, Tech Connect: Integrating Technology into the Science Curriculum, and Introduction to CLAD (Crosscultural, Language,and Academic Development)
    Past Course: CTA (California Teachers' Association) New Teacher Seminar
  • Online Course Development for National University Virtual High School (Biology, Chemistry, and AP Biology (Summer 2004)
  • Completed course work and granted UCLA Certificate in Online Education (Winter 2001)
    Course work included curriculum development and instructional design, internet and online teaching tools, teaching and learning models, assessment theory,  and a practicum in online teaching
  • Courses and resources may be accessed at http://www.jdenuno.com
Work Experience, Teaching: 
  • Design, develop, implement, evaluate, and update curriculum materials for online teacher education classes
  • Design, develop, and write course materials for National University Virtual High School courses in Biology, Chemistry, and AP Biology
  • Design, develop, implement, evaluate, and update curriculum materials for regular and honors level high school science and math classes, middle school science and math classes, and 4th and 5th grade reading, social studies, math, science, and Spanish
  • Interact with teachers from same and different disciplines to develop integrated projects and performance assessments
  • Evaluate curriculum for WASC (California) and Middle States (Maryland) accreditation
  • AP Biology Reader (Summer 2005)
  10/01 to present Online Instructor, University of San Diego School of Continuing Education
9/00~present :     
Technology Mentor, Marymount High School, Los Angeles, CA
Science Instructor, Marymount High School, Los Angeles, CA
Science Department Chairperson, Mary Star of the Sea High School, San Pedro CA ,90731
Science Assessment Training Team, Life Sciences, Montgomery County, MD
Math/Science Coordinator, Connelly School of the Holy Child Middle School, Potomac, MD
Science Instructor,  Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School, Washington, DC (biology)
Teacher, Our Lady of Lourdes School, Bethesda, MD (4th and 5th grade)
9/84 ~6/87:
Director and Instructor, Escuela Sonrisa, Guangelloch, West Germany (home school for army dependents, grades 1 to 5)
Director, Spanish Program, Gateway Montessori School, San Francisco, CA
Instructor, San Diego Mesa College, San Diego, CA, (general zoology and comparative anatomy
9/8~ 6/82:
Biology Instructor, San Diego Miramar College, San Diego, CA, General Biology
Director, Spanish Program, Scripps Montessori School, San Diego, CA
Professor and Acting Coordinator, Colegio de Biología, Preparatoria Femenil, Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico (All courses taught in Spanish)
Teaching Assistant, Department of Biological Sciences, UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA
Current Classes : AP Biology, Conceptual Physics, Chemistry, Freshmen Biology
Work Experience, Technical Writing:
  • Write online curriculum for National University Virtual High School (Biology, Chemistry, AP Biology) and University of San Diego (Health Education, Technology Integration, Culture Language and Academic Development (CLAD)
  • Prepare original summaries of English and foreign language (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German) articles in medical, behavioral,  biological, chemical,  ecological, environmental, and psychological journals.
  • Prepare bibliographic entries and determine index and key terms for these journal articles according to specific guidelines
  • Translate foreign language journal titles, key terms, abstracts, and articles into English
  • Perform bibliographic, indexing, and abstracting functions in an online environment
  • Prepare curriculum materials for online delivery in various courseware applications, including Blackboard and ECollege
  • Textbook Reviews: AP Biology Study Guide (Sparks Notes) and health education textbooks
  8/89~present : Abstractor, foreign language literature, PSYCHINFO, American Psychological Association, Herner and Company, Arlington, VA now Cygnus Corporation, Rockville, MD
  11/80~1999:  Abstractor, English and Spanish biomedical literature, International Abstracts of Surgery,  published Surgery, Gynecology, & Obstetrics
  7/90~6/92:  Editor, English and foreign language literature, Ecology Abstracts, Entomology Abstracts, Animal Behavior Abstracts, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, Bethesda, MD
  8/90~8/91: Abstractor, English and foreign language literature, ETOH database, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
  8/87~ 6/90: Abstractor, Abstract Bulletin, Hazardous Materials Technical Center, Dynamac Corporation,  Rockville, MD
  8/87~3/89:  Abstractor and Translator, English, Spanish, French and German biomedical literature, Smoking and Health Bulletin  (The Circle, Inc, McLean, VA)
  11/80~6/87:  Reviewer, children's science books, Science Books and Films, publication of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
  11/78~11/80: Abstractor, Cancerline (Franklin Research Institute, Philadelphia, PA)
Foreign Languages:
  • Spanish--fluency in speaking, writing, reading, abstracting, translating, teaching
  • French, Italian, Portuguese, Italian, and German--fluency in reading, abstracting, and editing biomedical and scientific literature
Computer Skills:
  • Word and Word Perfect, PowerPoint, Excel, FrontPage2000, Dreamweaver MX, HTML, Photoshop,
    Grading software (Making the Grade and Blackbaud)
  • Online Testing (Exam View Pro and TestGen)
  • Courseware Applications (Blackboard, FirstClass, ECollege, WebCT)
  • Certificate in Online Education from UCLA
Goals for Science Instruction:
  • cultivation of science literacy
  • development of qualitative and quantitative science process skills
  • development of problem-solving and critical thinking proficiencies
  • cultivation of an understanding of the nature and history of science
Workshop and Conference Presentations:
  March 2004 Anatomy Art Gallery: California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) Workshop
  November 2001 Using FirstClass to develop online class conferences, Marymount High School Teacher Inservice
  December 1996: Building Bridges to Physics at the NSTA Global Summit  on Science Teaching, San Francisco, CA
  February 1997: Building Bridges to Physics at the Occidental College Physics Day
  March 1998: Building Bridges to Physics at the GLATSA Meeting, Los Angeles, CA
Professional Societies:
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science  
  • National Science Teachers Association
  • California Science Teachers Association
  • Los Angeles County Science Teachers Association
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • Available on request
 References:       Available on request
Updated July 18, 2005

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