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Course Description

The Journey into the inner workings of the human body:

(This journey may change your view of life, your body, and how life works!)

  • This is a project- and laboratory-based course where you will be allowed to generate knowledge about anatomy (a fancy term for structure) and physiology (a fancy term for function) with your peers.
  • Your teacher will be a guide for the journey, a facilitator, an events planner, and occasionally a source of information.
  • Other sources of information will be the textbook, the coloring book, charts and diagrams, videos, and many internet sources selected by the guide and by yourselves.
  • Always remember, you are the learner here! You are the one who needs to actively acquire knowledge.
  • The anatomy~physiology guide (aka teacher) will provide you some of the ways and means of acquiring knowledge about the human body but you will also actively construct and generate your own knowledge by interaction with each other, written text (books, magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, internet "stuff"), graphs and data charts, numbers, drawings yours and those of others), pictures and movies, sound, microscopes, test tubes, stethescopes, blood pressure monitors, computers, specimens (aka body parts), EACH OTHER....and the list goes on......
  • who knows where the journey will lead (actually, the guide does), but by the end of the journey you will be richer in knowledge and experience.
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The content: (Ah....now it comes....)

  • TERMINOLOGY used to describe the human body and its function...there is a lot, so be prepared to memorize and share mnemonics with each other

This doesn't seem so bad!

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Goals and Objectives:

  • Conscientiously become more scientifically literate in matters related to human biology in health and disease
  • Actively ask, find, determine answers related to human biology in health and disease
  • Carefully describe, explain, and predict consequences based on knowledge (prior and that to be acquired in this class) of the human body in health and disease
  • Critically analyze articles about human biology in health and disease in the popular press
  • Accurately organize, analyze, and communicate information about the human body in health and disease
  • Perceptively discuss risk factors for maintaining health and preventing disease





  • Read the text assignments (available in Chapter Resources)
  • Prepare and Study Vocabulary Lists
  • Prepare Outlines for Each Chapter (outline templates avaliable in Chapter Resources)
  • TURN IN ASSIGNMENTS ON TIME (This means organize your time!)
  • Bring Text and Coloring Book to Class
  • Bring a Pen or Pencil, Notebook, and Lab Notebook to class
  • Bring colored pens or pencils and a metric ruler
  • TURN IN ASSIGNMENTS ON TIME (did I mention this?)
Chapter Resources


tests quizzes projects labs disease diary anatomy in the news homework email semester final faqs hints


Tests are on Wednesdays!

September 13
October 11
October 25
November 15
December 6
January 10
Final January 23
February 21

March 7
March 21
April 4
May 2
May 23
Final June 6

  • 100 points each
  • 6 per semester
  • Multiple choice, label diagrams, fill in the blanks.....
  • Critical Thinking Questions
  • Vocabulary Intensive
  • Reworded Questions from Coloring Book Study Guide
  • Graphing and Data Analysis
  • Short paragraphs


  • 5~25 points each
  • Vocabulary~Based
  • Matching, Fill-in the Blanks, Label Diagrams
  • Reworded Questions and Diagrams from Coloring Book Study Guide
  • MAY BE UNANNOUNCED!!!!! (Sample "Stuff~you~Should~Know"Quiz)
    • Have I mentioned this?




  • 100 points each
  • In Class Preparation
  • Group and Individual
  • Involve Library and Internet Research
  • Turned-in via email
  • PowerPoint or Web Pages or Word with Graphics
  • Presented In Class and/or Viewed on the Web
  • Reflection Essay (individual assessment = 25~50 pts)

Lab Write-ups

See Anatomy Lab Instructions for Details

The Labs

  • 25~100 points each
  • Observations, Data Gathering, Data Organizing, Graphing
  • Microscopes, Dissections
  • Computer~Data Generation
  • Write-up in Lab Notebook or Turn-in Via Email


Disease Diary

Skin Diseases 9/15
Bone Diseases 10/15
Muscle Diseases 11/15
Nervous System Diseases 12/15
Endocrine Disorders 1/15
Blood Diseases 2/15
Heart Disease 3/15
Lung Disease 3/30*
Digestive Diseases 4/15
Urinary Diseases 5/15
ReproductiveDiseases 6/1*

  • 25 points each
  • Submissions to the Disease Diary are due monthly.
  • Each submission should contain a graphic of some aspect of the disease as well as an outline description of the specific characteristics, causes, signs & symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment for the disease.
  • All sources should be cited in the correct format for print and internet. Please include the reference for any graphics you include.
  • If you find a particularly useful source site, please indicate this so it can be added to the reference sites on this page.
  • Email to Mrs. Nuņo by the15th of each month (plus March 30 and June1).
  • The email should have your name and Disease Diary~Name of Disease in the subject line and your name and Disease Diary~Name of Disease at the top of the email message text
  • The outline may be included as part of an image message in FirstClass or sent as an attachment.
  • 10 points each
  • Due on the 25th of each month
  • Find newspaper, magazine, or internet article on some aspect of ANATOMY
  • Write a two paragraph summary of the news article that includes the following information: Who, What Where When Why Relation to ANATOMY
  • Cite the source: Title of Article, author, date, and URL or Title of Article, author, date, and newspaper or magazine
  • Email to Mrs. Nuņo by the 25th of EVERY MONTH
  • Name and Anatomy News on subject line and Name etc. in text of message!

Homework Checks

  • 5 points each = 20 pts per chapter
  • Vocabulary Definitions (see chapter resources for list)
  • Chapter Outlines (see chapter resources for template)
  • Chapter Questions (see chapter resources for specific question numbers)
  • Coloring Book~Study Guide Pages (see chapter resources for pages)
Chapter Resources
  • 5 points each
  • Check your email regularly..
  • Occasionally I will send an interesting item I have found and ask you to reply with a quick (1~2 sentence) comment
  • Check your email regularly.....(did I mention this?)
  • Check your email regularly.....I send assignment, quiz, and test reminders
  • Check your email regularly......I send hints!
  • Email me questions and I will respond (I check my email regularly!)
  • Use AOL instant messenger (teachsci23) for quick, synchronous (aka real~time) answers to questions and concerns

Semester Final


  • 20 percent of the semester grade
  • Science Comprehension:
    • Read and interpret information related to anatomy
  • Science Content:
    • Similar to chapter tests~~questions taken from these tests
  • Data Analysis:
    • Organizing, graphing, and interpreting data related to anatomy
  • Critical Thinking:
    • Application of anatomy content to decision~making

Frequently Asked Questions

  • NO Extra Credit...Don't even ask
  • Projects are flexible in DESIGN, not in DUE DATE
    • Turn in all assignments on time.....
    • have I mentioned this?
  • One drop test PER SEMESTER
    • If you are absent for a test, this will be considered your drop test!
  • Quizzes May Be Unannounced...
    • Come to Class Prepared ....
    • have I mentioned this?

Helpful Hints

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Chapter Resources

tests quizzes projects labs disease diary anatomy in the news homework email semester final faqs

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