Science Simulations for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

Scientific Method Simulation

Online Explorations
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Dr. Johnson’s OnLine Labs (Johnson Explorations)
I nteractive simulations for high school biology classes


Genetics Web Labs
wide variety of genetics simulations and problems
some are appropriate for middle school genetics
most are appropriate for high school genetics

More Genetics Labs OnLine

Virtual Peppered Moths

Microscopy OnLine
There are several good Virtual Microscope Labs, some which allow you to change slides, focus, and change magnification!
Variety of online experiments. Gel Electrophoresis one is great!

The Biology Place Classic Edition
This is a free website appropriate for regular and advanced biology.
The LabBench corresponds to the AP Biology Labs!

ExploreLearning: Gizmos

Virtual DNA labs

Genetic Science Research Center Learning Activities

Plants and Plant Growth


Animal Behavior

Marine Life
Shed Acquarium

Human Body Systems

Virtual Dissections

Population Growth Simulations

Wisconsin Online Learning Objects

Blood Type Game
In this interactive game you can learn about blood types and also determine what type an accident victim needs for a transfusion!

And more.......These are appropriate for AP Biology and beyond

Engineer a Crop
PBS interactive site where students can compare traditional and transgenic methods of selective breeding.

Illuminating Photosynthesis
Also from PBS, a good interactive tutorial about photosynthesis...not a lab activity.

Medical Mysteries
Solve medical mysteries while learning about diseases and their causes

Virtual Autopsy


There is a fee for this one, but it is well worth the price! They are truly interactive and you can design your own simulations!
Go to the downloads page for a free evaluation trial

Dartmouth ChemLab
This site has some very good interactive virtual labs plus a terrific interactive periodic table!

Virtual Chemistry
Chemistry and Physics applets and phylsets from Davidson University. You can also download and use on your own webpages.

Virtual Chemistry Lab
This site has virtual experiments as well as webcasts on chemistry topics.

Iridium Project
Virtual Chem applet to download
Very interactive!

PreUniversity Chemistry Course online from the UK
text and simulations

Oxford Chemistry Film Studio

Simulations/Virtual Lab

Balancing Equations,,NAV2-100_SEP1315,00.shtml

pH meter

Chemistry Homework: Interactive Tutorials
Everything from significant figures to quantum numbers, gas laws, thermodynamics, nomemclature, all in interactive tutorial forma. Instant feedback!

ChemSketch Freeware

and more..........

Virtual Chemistry Book
Not really an online lab, but has pdf and web files on all major concepts in chemistry with excellent graphics. It also has tutorials on selected topics such as redox reactions, acid-base titrations, and aquatic chemistry.

Chemistry Java Applets
This site is a hotlist of links to interactive chemistry sites. Some are stand alone and some come with lesson plans and teachers' notes.

Biochemistry Java Applets
This site is a companion to the one above. It has a hotlist of links to interactive biochemistry sites.

General Chemistry Jeopardy Games

Chemistry Film Studio
Films and demonsrations of common chemical reactions.

Virtual ChemLab Community
Resources, support, and discussion board for users of Virtual ChemLab.
You can share worksheets for this virtual chemistry lab environment as well as download the labbooks for regular, honors, and AP Chemistry.


Physics Classroom

Fear of Physics

Physics Place
There is a fee for this site, but it is well worth it!

Physics Applets

UCLA ephysics

Online Physics Textbook

And more..............

Physics Applets
This site is a hotlist of links to lots of interactive physics applets!

Earth Science/Geology

Virtual Geology


Earthquake Simulator

San Andreas Fault

Geology Day Trip--San Diego, CA

Interactive Earth and Space Science Applets
This site is a hotlist of applets for earth and space sciences.


Astronomy/Space Science

Google Earth

Solar System Simulator

Virtual Solar System

Build a Solar System

Math and Data Analysis

Create a Graph
graph data online

graph data online

Graph Paper
Download this freeware program and you can create lots of different types of graph paper!

Calculator Applets
This site has a list of interactive calculators including a Roman Numerals calculator, a graphing applet, and a virtual abacus as well as a scientific conversions applet.

Not an interactive site, but a terrific data analysis software tool, by the developers of Inspiration and Kidspiration. You can download a free 30-day trial!


General Links

The Interactive Library
This site is a hotlist of links to interactive activities

NetLogos Library
A series of simulations in several science fields that you can download or use via a browser.