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compiled by Judith Nuño
based on Webquest on Webquests by
Bernie Dodge

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What is a WebQuest? What does it feel like to do a webquest? How do you know if the webquest is a good one or not? Well, before you can actually design a webquest, that is define a problem, develop questions, and search for and evaluate resources to include in a webquest, it is VERY helpful to respond to problems and questions and evaluate resources as part of a team. Your students will have to take on different roles and work as a team....so you will too!


Here are the WebQuests you will be evaluating


  • Individually, you'll examine each of the sites on the list of resources and jot down notes about your opinions of each webquest from the perspective of your role.
  • Then you need to meet with other members of your group, either via email or by chat, and discuss your opinions about the websites, your criteria for best and worst, and your decisions. You may not agree on everything, but consider what is best for the learner from the perspective of your role!
  • Post your response in essay, outline, or chart form in the appropriate discussion forum

 the efficiency expert

The efficiency experts puts a high value on time and believes that much time is wasted in today's classroom on unfocused and irrelevant activities. You consider that short, un-ambitious webquests are good if they teach a small concept well. You only like long-term activities that deliver a deep understanding of a topic and that do not require a lot of random searching.

the constructivist

The constructivist puts high value on higher level thinking skills and a context that facilitates construction of understanding. You feel there is too much emphasis on factual recall and that technology is justified to the extent that it allows student to analyze information, synthesize multiple perspectives, and take a stance on the merits of an issue. You value sites that allow for creative expression and development of new insights.

the technophile

The technophile loves the Internet and puts high value on the best use of web technology, including animations, flash, sound, attractive colors, multimedia, and lots of links to interesting sites. The technophile does not like webquests that than make minimal use of web technology and are just glorified paper-and-pencil tasks.

the affiliator

The affiliator places high value on learning activities that allow students to work and learn together. The affiliator likes webquests that force collaboration and create a need for discussion and consensus and does not like webquests that require independent or individual research.You do not like webquests that can be done by students working alone.

Here are the websites again:


How will the students be evaluated?
What assessment tool will you be using?


The links given below are examples of good Evaluation pages.


Things to think about as  you prepare your final evaluation of the webquests you visited:

  • Do you feel that webquests can enhance teaching and learning?
  • What are some characteristics of webquests that harness the power of technology to enhance learning?
  • What webquests could you create to enrich the teaching of science?
  • What is your natural preference as a webquest evaluator...efficiency expert, constructivist, technophile, or affiliator?

The links given below are examples of good Conclusion pages.


What State Standards are you addressing? This will be viewed by teachers from other states, so be sure to mention which state. You might also mention any National Educational Technology Standards that you use.

Here are some links to standards.
You can also find links to standards in the Week 2 Readings in the Course Documents area and in the Week 2 External Links area

The link below is a good example of a Standards page.

based the Webquests on Webquests by Bernie Dodge:


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