Compiled by Judith S. Nuño



The Heart:

from Franklin Institute Online

hypertext and graphics format…HTML


The Sun~A Multimedia Tour

20 minutes….with MPEG movies


LA River Virtual Tour

Tour, Data, Lesson Plans, and Lesson Plans


Biosphere Virtual Tours

View webcam images that you can manipulate and information about
Ocean, Savannah, Rainforest, Temperate Forest, Desert, and
background maintenance rooms of the Biosphere 2 Project

Uses IPIX technology


FermiLab Virtual Tour

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Powerpoint Type presentation…graphics and text

Follow Inquiring Minds Link to text, images, and videos about the
science of matter, space, and time; questions about physics;
more about particle physics,; virtual ask-a-scientist…..etc…

Also check out PULSE: accelerator science in medicine


Virtual Tour of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Links to Virtual Tours within a Tour

Living Fossils of the Deep: a visit to the sea floor of the Bahamas

Gem Archives: Images and descriptions of Gems in the Smithsonian Collection

Giant Squid Expedition: Information and images about the squid and
the expedition as well as dispatches from the research team


Virtual Galapagos

Several components to this image and text rich virtual tour:

            Atlas of the Galapagos






Virtual Journey into the Universe

Think Quest Student Project

Text, Images, Animations, Interactive

Requires Flash plugin

An impressive site!


The Virtual Cell

Interactive image map, descriptions and images of cell components
that can be manipulated Pronunciation guide: Requires RealMedia Player plugin


The Story of Milk

Images and simple text tell the story of milk

Links to information about dairy industry and cows,
including a connect the dots activity and a moomilk quiz!


Virtual Tour of New Mexico Geology

Images and information about the geology of specific regions of New Mexico

Links to data archives and maps!


San Diego Aerospace Museum Virtual Tour

Interactive webcams allow you to visit the museum!


Virtual Antarctica

By TerraQuest

Expedition details, ship's log, ecology, wildlife, geology,
geography, marine and terrestrial environments, climate…….


National Atomic Museum Virtual Tour

Information and images about history of the atomic age, including
Einstein's letter to FDR

Madame Curie, the Manhattan Project,  arms control, weapons delivery systems, etc…


Rainforest Virtual Tour for younger travelers

Large text and images of animals, plants, and people


Nine Planets

Multimedia Tour of the Solar System

100 page full tour and Express Tour

Links to planetary data and suggestions for using the data

Rich Resource!


Virtual Tour of the Milky Way

Uses Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML)

Images that you can zoom in and out of

Images and Text


Jefferson Lab Virtual Tour

National Accelerator Facility, Newport News, VA

Includes information on why scientists study quarks,
animations on how accelerators work, and an accelerator map


Einstein: Image and Impact

A beautifully designed presentation using photographs of Einstein
as links to key moments in his life and to his writings.


The Discovery of the Electron

J. J. Tomson's 1987 discovery of a particle too small to be seen. Images and text. Appropriate for high school students.
Developed by the Center for the History of Physics

The World of Infectious Diseases

OnLine exhibit and virtual tour of infectious diseases from the American Museum of Natural History

Alberta's Eggs

Provincial Museum of Alberta
Virtual Exhibition of Eggs
on-line field guide with over 300 egg images as well as information on egg biology and a touch of egg trivia.

Tales from the Underground
Virtual tour of soil and soil ingredients in mystery story format
Student activities for various grade levels incorporated with the tour!
from Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

Sea Floor
New Millennium Observatory
Interactive dives to the sea floor at a volcano and thermal vent spot

Kathy Schrock's Virtual Tour Evaluation
Is the Tour Better in Person

Living Children Multimedia
Explore virtual knee surgery, hip surgery, a virtual microscope, dinosaurs, machines, and more