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Science of Chemistry
Matter & Change
Atomic Structure

Chemical Names & Formulas

Chemical Quantities
Chemical Reactions

States of Matter

Behavior of Gases

The Periodic Table
Chemical Bonding

Water and Solutions


Reaction Rates, Equilibrium

Chemistry Labs

Measurement Lab
Circles Lab
Bubbles Lab
Separating Mixtures
Changes Lab
Density Lab
Wood Density Lab
A Different Way of Measuring
Periodic Puzzles

Element Lab
Element Lab Data Chart
Isotopes of Candium
Ionic Compounds
VCL Ionic Compounds
Mole Lab
Periodic Graphs
Metal Reactivity Simulation
Single Replacement Lab
Double Displacement Lab
Phase Diagrams Simulation
Gas Laws Simulations
Crystal Growing
Reaction Rates-Temperature
Reaction Rates-Particle Size

Chemistry Projects

Periodic Table Project
January 2007
Periodic Table Instructions

Extra Credit



Class Activities

Changes Review
Sign Figs Practice 1
Scientific Notation
Sig Figs Practice 2
Metric Conversions 1
Measurement Video
Atoms Video
Practice Element Chart
Atom Models
Signals from Within
Light and Energy Problems
The Periodic Table Video Questions
Periodic Graphing
Element Clues
Element Characteristics

Ion Charts
More Ion Charts

Practice Nomenclature Problems I
Practice Nomenclature II
Periodic Table with Ions
Ion Charges
Molar Mass
Moles and Particles
Mole Calculations 1
Mole Calculations 2
Percent Composition
Percent Composition Graph
Chemical Reaction Types
Chemical Reactions 1
(Answers 1)
Chemical Reactions 2
(Answers 2)
Equation Review
Stoichiometry Concepts
Stoichiometry Problems I
Stoichiometry Problems II
Stoichiometry Review Problems
Driving Forces and Molecules in Action Video Questions
States of Matter Video Questions
Sample Graphs
Gas Law Practice
Gas Laws 1
Gas Laws 2
Combined Gas Law
Carbon and Polymer Video Questions



Sample Quizzes
Sample Element Quiz
Sample Ion Quiz
Atomic Models Quiz
Sample Percent Composition Quiz
Sample Balancing Equations Quiz

Fall Finals
Chemistry Fall Final Review
Chemistry Honors Fall Review

Winter Finals
Chemistry Winter Final Reivew
Chemistry Honors Winter Final Review

Spring Final Project

Chemistry Jeopardy Games
Science Review Games




Lab Grading Guidelines

Computer Use Agreement

Evaluating Websites

Lab Writing Help

Chemistry Resources

Online Chemistry Classroom



Create a Graph

Physics Reference Tables

Mechanics Equations

Sample Graphs

Scientific Calculator Online

Temperature Conversion

Periodic Table 1

Periodic Table 2

Flash Periodic Table

Element Practice

Periodic Table Game

Chemistry Reference Tables I

Chemistry Reference Tables II

Unit Conversion Construction Kit

Jefferson Lab

The Particle Adventure

Revolutions In Science

Chemistry and Physics Animations

Online Science Labs

Her Lab in Your Life: Women in Chemistry

ChemMath Tutorials
Element Matching
Element Hangman
Element Flash Cards