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Body Measurement Lab

Title: Body Measurement Lab


  • to use the metric measurement system
  • to measure the dimensions of body parts
  • to organize information into data charts
  • to graph data
  • to look for patterns of relationships


  • tape measure
  • ruler
  • colored pens/pencils


  • Work with a partner
  • Determine the length or circumference of the following body parts and record in a data chart
    • height
    • back
    • forearm
    • upper arm
    • entire arm
    • arm span
    • wrist
    • upper leg
    • lower leg
    • entire leg
    • foot
    • hips (20 cm below waist)
    • waist
    • chest
    • neck
    • head
  • Write a hypothesis about the relationship of any 2 pairs of measurements
  • Get measurements for these pairs from the rest of the class.....(cooperation is good!)
  • Graph these measurement pairs (line graph....title, axes, etc properly labeled.....)
  • Determine if your hypothesis is correct or incorrect (Hint....what is the shape or pattern in the graph.....)


  • These will be data charts (2) and graphs (2)


    1. Describe what you did.
    2. Discuss how body part measurements are related to each other....if they are.....the answer may or may not depend on which pairs of measurements you selected....
    3. Mention sources of error
    4. Suggest improvements


  • (A one sentence testable statement that follows from your results, what you did, what you observed)
  • For this activity use the following format:

    My hypothesis that the directly (indirectly) related to correct (incorrect).

    The results indicate that directly (indirectly)

  • Since you evaluated 2 paris of measurements, your conclusion should have 4 sentences!


  • (A personal statement about the activity, whether it relates to "real life," whether you liked it, suggested improvements.....)
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