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Chapter Objectives

  • to describe the underlying unity in the living world
  • to distinguish living from non-living
  • to list and describe the basic characteristics of living creatures
  • to list the levels of biological organization
  • to recognize the immense diversity of the living world and the need for classification schemes
  • to develop an evolutionary view of diversity
  • to list the component concepts of the process of natural selection
  • to describe the parts of scientific methods
  • to differentiate among fact, observation, hypothesis, theory, and law

Chapter Outline Framework

  • Outline Frameworks for each Chapter of Biology: the Unity and Diversity of Life are available on the
    Textbook WEBSITE
  • Copy and Paste in a your Word Processor
  • Add notes and definitions to make the outline personal, useful, and specific to the unit we are studying!
  • Put in notebook for homework check

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Chapter Questions

  • all review and self-quiz questions
  • select ONE of the Critical Thinking questions to answer

Chapter 1 Terms:

adaptive trait DNA multicelled organism species
aerobic respiration energy mutation theory
animal evolution natural selection variable
ATP experiment photosynthesis fact
biosphere ecosystem plant law
cell fungus population observation
community genus prediction assmption
consumer homeostasis producer  
control group metabolism receptor  
decomposer moneran reproduction  
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