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Race for the Double Helix Film Guide


Please read all the questions before the movie starts
This Assignment consists of 3 parts

Modified from a Viewing Guide by Catherine Sheils Ross and John Racey

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Part I Questions

Answer as you watch the movie

  • Who is one of the "believers"?
  • Name the bright hope.
  • What is the gossip?
  • What are the goals
  • who is goal oriented?
  • What is the "buried treasure"? Who possesses it?
  • What is the "A" form of DNA? Who is working on it? 7. What is the "B" form of DNA? Who is working on it?
  • How do the scientists look at the structure of DNA?
  • What are the little problems?
  • Who are the" little boys"? 1
  • What didn't she see?
  • How did they pair the bonds? Were the paper cutouts of any value?
  • What is beautiful?
  • What benefits would have been achieved if everyone would have shared information



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